5 Şubat 2013 Salı

Kübra Tekin' le Vesaire

Bu ay Vesaire köşemde neleri önermişim bi göz atın isterseniz...




Please have a look my advises this month on my column…


You do not need any lover to celebrate Valentine's Day.. you have or not, he calls or not, he forgets or not…all meaningless...do not care about red images on streets.. call or send messages to your belowed ones and say how much you love them.. buy a present for yourself and spoil yourself..most important of all, love yourself…enjoy the day..others etc…

Reading book is one of the best investment for ourselves. İf you do not have enough time or you want to share the book you read www.kitapkulubu.me which is a social platform organized by some book lovers and has no material goals. You should visit at least once.

To start day we should take a deep breath and praise God for what are given… Praise but nothing else clear people’s conscience!

Ayşe Uysal’s design blouses named “hands up” that are different and witty are ready to be sold online. I enjoy to be first ones who try them.

For those who can not do make up or wants to learn true make up! do you know that Mac that we like buying products organises a make up seminars.  During 1,5 hours make up artist teach technics and hints. You can buy free products equal to seminar fee. So the seminar becomes free. I attended this seminarand recommend. It is worth to attend.

For those who love waffles and chocolates! You should eat waffles at Zamane Kahvesi with fresh fruits and hot chocolate, incredible. İf love was a desert, it would be a waffle. For you?

If love had a color, it would be red. Allright, If love had a brand, what would it be? İt is your choice.

Quality leather clothes and accessories are good helpers. Their fashion never ends. İt is a trend of all fall autumn-winter session. The best part of leather is that we become what we are and do not need more make up or accessories…if you find suitable leather things for yourself, do not miss.

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